29 May 2024

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SKM Power*Tools free 30 days trial version

You can try the SKM Power Tools software for 30 days. With this limited trial version you can use all modules and to study the tutorials.
The trial version exists of only 15 buses and 35 components. The print-function is disabled.

Install and activate your trial version:

1. Install the SKM Power Tools software
2. Start SKM Power Tools
3. Chose the Software Key
• software key drivers will be installed
• a ‘Software Key’ screen will be opened with a Site Code. Copy this.
4. Close SKM Power Tools
5. e-mail us the Site Code(s)

We will send you the Enabling Key(s) per e-mail.

6. Start SKM Power Tools again
7. Chose the Software Key. You will see the same Site Code
8. Fill in the Enabling Key. Your trial license is activated for 30 days.

Getting started…

During installation manuals, tutorials and other pdf-documents will be installed in the folder ~\PTW32\Doc. We recommend to start with the document PTW V7.0 Tutorial. This is a good tutorial.