24 July 2024

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Registration “Getting Started With SKM Power Tools” open

Registration for the training course Getting Started With SKM Power Tools is open now. The training will take place November 26 – 27, 2020 in CitizenM Rotterdam Hotel, the Netherlands. The number of participants is limited.

Selecting a Voltage Transformer (VT)

If the ratio, burden, class and optionally voltage factor are selected, the voltage transformer (VT) or potential transformer (PT) has been specified basically. Of course additional requirements like type, frequency, environmental conditions should also be specified.

Selecting a Current Transformer (CT)

If the current ratio, burden and class are selected, the current transformer (CT) has been specified basically. Of course additional requirements like type, frequency, isolation level, maximal short circuit current and environmental conditions should also be specified.

Generator Operation Modes

There are three modes of operation for generators: stand-alone, island and parallel with the utility. Each operation mode requires specific turbine fuel and generator excitation controls. In this post I describe features of each mode of operation.

General information about power systems on the web

Today the web offers quite a lot of general information about electrical power engineering, that I use gratefully. Below are some interesting websites.

Engineering & Consultancy

I like to use my knowledge, experience and insight to proceed or solve my customer’s power system issues. Of course my designs, calculations and advises are based on power system engineering methods and common practice. My competences and specialisations are: Medium Voltage Power Systems (3 – 25 kV) Generators, Power Generation Protection Systems & Relays Excitation Systems, […]