26 February 2024

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Engineering & Consultancy

MV power system with generators and a utility grid I like to use my knowledge, experience and insight to proceed or solve my customer’s power system issues. Of course my designs, calculations and advises are based on power system engineering methods and common practice.

My competences and specialisations are:

  • Medium Voltage Power Systems (3 – 25 kV)
  • Generators, Power Generation
  • Protection Systems & Relays
  • Excitation Systems, Voltage Regulators
  • Power Systems Analysis with SKM Power Tools (PTW)

Customers make use of my knowledge and insight for:

  • Generator system design, including grounding and terminal boxes with instrument transformers & surge arresters
  • Generator control & protection (GCP) panel design, including excitation, protection, synchronisation and metering system
  • Engineering support for power system analysis (loadflow and short circuit calculations) and selectivity studies
  • Industrial 11 kV distribution network extension, including generators, switch gears, transformers
  • Setting studies and test protocols for protection relays (ABB Spacom, Areva, Beckwith, CEE, GEC Midos, GE Multilin, Schneider Sepam, SEL)
  • Setting studies and test protocols for automatic voltage regulators (Brush Prismic, Basler DECS)
  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Evaluation of quotations
  • Consultancy for retrofit projects, compatibility studies
  • Training and technical support for sales engineers, project engineers, commissioning engineers and managers.

For more information…

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