17 June 2024

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SKM Power*Tools free 30 days trial version

You can try the SKM Power Tools software for 30 days. With this limited trial version you can use all modules and to study the tutorials.

SKM Systems Analysis

Since 1972, SKM Systems Analysis develop advanced software for power systems analysis. SKM’s Power Tools for Windows (PTW) is worldwide one of the leading  integrated suites of power systems analysis tools in this area. Engineering agencies, oil & gas, shipbuilding, industry, utilities, government and education use the software. My company SVRI bv is distributor of […]

PTW Service & Support

For service and support you can consult a number of sources offline and online. Moreover you can ask questions to the SKM Technical Support helpdesk, provided that you have a valid maintenance agreement. Finally, I offer you training courses.   Use the help function and the installed documents The SKM Power Tools is provided with a goed help function. […]

PTW Prices & Quotations

SKM Power Tools is modular software. The price of the software depends on the number of modules,  the number of buses and  the number of users, but also of the USB key type (Standalone or Local Area Network (LAN) Key). Scope of supply The scope of supply is defined if: all required modules are defined. DAPPER will be the base […]

PTW Products

Power Tools for Windows (PTW) of SKM Systems Analysis is integrated, modular software for power analysis. The modules use a common project database. A brief description of the most commonly used modules in the Netherlands and Flanders follows. DAPPER executes among others load flow calculations (including voltage drops and power flows). DAPPER also includes a […]

Training Courses

Getting Started With SKM Power Tools Learn to work quickly and efficiently with the SKM Power Tools software. I provide this hands-on training as an internal training course that can take place at your location. The course duration is 1 ½ days.  Datasheet (PDF-file, 203 kB) Getting Started With Protection Relays Learn how to select, set and test […]

SKM Power Tools

Products SKM Systems Analysis develops advanced power systems analysis and design software since 1972. SKM’s Power Tools for Windows (PTW) is one of the most widely used software in this area. We describe the software and the most commonly used modules in the [Read more …] Prices & Quotations SKM Power Tools is modular software. The price […]