20 April 2024

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PTW Prices & Quotations

SKM Power Tools is modular software. The price of the software depends on the number of modules,  the number of buses and  the number of users, but also of the USB key type (Standalone or Local Area Network (LAN) Key).

Scope of supply

The scope of supply is defined if:

    • all required modules are defined. DAPPER will be the base module. Furthermore our customers frequently choose the modules IEC_FAULT 909 and/or 363 and CAPTOR. Other popular modules are mentioned in Products.
    • the number of each module
    • the number of buses. Our customers frequently choose 100, 300 or 1000 buses.
    • the number of (simultaneous) users
    • the USB key type: Standalone or Local Area Network (LAN) USB Key

You can extend your software license later if desired.


Local Area Network (LAN) Options

If more engineers will use the SKM Power Tools software, we recommend a LAN key. The Single User license allows one user at a time, regardless of the number of program modules. The Multiple User license enables multiple, separate program modules to be accessed at the same time by different users. The Simultaneous User license enables a single program or multiple program modules to be accessed at the same time by multiple users.

General Price List

The SKM website contains a general price list for the software. The prices in this price list are in dollars, excluding VAT and shipping costs.

pdficon_small SKM_2023_Price_List


As a distributor in the Netherlands and Flandres it is my pleasure to make a customised quotation for you according your requirements with prices in Euros and including shipping costs. Call +31 85 0020069 or mail to Or use my contact form.