29 May 2024

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Training Courses

PTW Important Concepts

Getting Started With SKM Power Tools

Learn to work quickly and efficiently with the SKM Power Tools software. I provide this hands-on training as an internal training course that can take place at your location. The course duration is 1 ½ days.

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Generator oneline with protection

Getting Started With Protection Relays

Learn how to select, set and test modern multifunctional digital protection relays. I have experience with many brands and types of protection relays and I like to share this knowledge with you.

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Brushless Excitation System with PMG

Generator Excitation Control Systems

Learn the principles of operation of voltage regulators and power management systems. In this unique course, I pay attention to simple diesel generator sets, generators and more complex systems.

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Customised Training Course

Within my field of knowledge, I also provide tailor-made courses. In concert with you I will customise the contents of the training course to the level and interests of the target group.
Request for your customised training course.